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Hot and sour soup is one of the most popular take out that you will order from a Chinese restaurant. Today, I am going to share you my version and I also going to show you how to make it authentic.

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A repeat go to. I turned my Mom on to this soup recipe as well. Don’t miss the Chinese black vinegar. It’s very important. I always add more veg to up the nutrient value. Carrots, bamboo, water chestnuts, mushrooms in a variety, I’ve even added greens. And more “heat” because I like spicy. Try using with homemade bone broth to add even more gut health benefits.

Kimberly Yuzon

It looks so good that I intend to make it special this time of the season, and is also one of my favorite soups when I go to Chinese restaurants now thanks to you I can make it myself.

Anselmo Lau

Great step by step instructions! I usually don’t use recipes because I li e cooking by feel. But I wanted the authentic flavor for this soup and I was not disappointed! So yummy!


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