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Jade Choy Sum

A formal Chinese feast must have a vegetable dish, which usually is served as the last dish in Cantonese cuisine. That is a polite way to indicate to guests that all the food has been brought to the table.


  • Thank you, Mandy, for your well thought out recipes. 🙏

    This choy sum recipe was approved by my nephew this evening. 🐂 said he enjoyed it more than other styles I’ve cooked in the past.

    Katie on

  • Hi Mandy, I really enjoyed your cooking simple, precise and so with the tips. I loved Chinese dishes. I am from Asia living in Ireland. It’s because we are neighbours in Asia, much of our dishes has been influenced by Chinese, Malaysian, Thailand and Spanish & American too.
    From 10 dishes you cooked I loved and cooked the Tofu, Choi-sum, and of course everyone’s favourite the humble “Dumplings” !!!!!

    Charry on

  • You are amazing! Clear concise instructions, helpful tips, I am inspired. Thank You.

    D. Wrangler on

  • unknown where you live, so choy sum availability may be limited (scarce). Choy Sum translates as ‘vegetable heart.’

    you may need to ask for it by another name, You Choy (Tsai) 油 菜. Literally, ‘oil vegetable.’ This is the rape-(seed) plant in the brassica genus (cabbages, etc.); produces rape seed (oil) related to canola – although the latter is GMO variety of rape (seed) plant.

    a better substitute than boy choy would be ‘gai lan’ aka Chinese broccoli.

    Casey on

  • Love your videos, your recipes. I filled my pantry with most items necessary to make Chinese dishes. At my age I have them all. But ingredients the most. For this particular recipe I cannot find choy sum at our grocery store or Asian market. I’ll continue, probably, to use the bok choy.

    Silvia Dumitrescu on

  • Hi Mandy, I really enjoy your channel! my favorite recipe is from five years ago, beef stir fry with black bean sauce (douchi). A real winner! Gong hei faat Choi!

    Glynn Filart on

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