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Pepper Steak

Beef pepper steak- a popular stir fry all over the world. The technique I’m sharing will guarantee the beef turns out amazingly tender- no matter what cut of beef you’re using. It will taste like very high-quality beef. Stop ordering this dish from your local takeout and make your friend and family a nice meal! It only takes around 10 minutes after you marinate it- it’s so easy!


  • Absolutely delicious!

    Eva on

  • Could I possibly use spicy red and green peppers instead of the bland red and green bell peppers? And also flank steak could run a little expensive is there another cheaper cut of beef that I could use instead?

    Denise on

  • My daughter sent this recipe from Australia to me in New Zealand.
    Have written it out (computor couldnt print it out).
    Love the fact that it only takes about 10 mins to make after preparing the Sauce & marinade.
    Looks yummy!

    Annette Benge on

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