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Chinese Home-cooked Beef and Carrot Stir-fry Recipe

If you have beef and carrots on hand, try this easy, healthy, and delicious stir fry. It is a basic Chinese home-cooked dish that almost all kids grew up eating in China. This dish is easy and doesn’t require any special ingredients. It is also a good recipe to get your kids eating carrots because they absorb lots of flavors from the beef, and the taste becomes savory.

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  • I’m a confident homecook, I’ve cooked since I was a teen and the times listed on this recepie are just… the most inaccurate. It took me over two hours to cook this. It would have taken my not-as-confident hustband double that. I have good kitchen equipment and am fast with a knife. How in the world is this timing accurate?

    Marie on

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