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The Most Popular and Easy Hong Kong Style Dessert

It is mango season in Florida, so today, I want to use this lovely tropical fruit to make probably the most popular Hong Kong dessert - Mango Pomelo Sago, or what we call 杨枝甘露.This is perfect for hot summer days because it is delicious and easy to make. I didn't use a lot of sugar, so it is not too sweet, but it tastes natural, fruity, and refreshing. Most importantly, this is such a beautiful drink for making a perfect Instagram post. Although the presentation doesn't matter, indulging a touch of elegance in your life is quitenice.

Sago, also known as tapioca pearls, is similar to the bubbles in bubble milk tea, except it issmaller and white. It doesn't have any flavoron its own, but it adds a nice texture and makes this dessert fun to eat. You can click here to purchase it.


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