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Cake Decorating Kit (64 Pieces Total)

Cake Decorating Kit (64 Pieces Total)

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EASY TO USE - It's not true that beautiful pastry with fancy icing can be made only by people who have been trained for years. With this cake decorating kit, beginners can create a real masterpiece at home!

EVERYTHING YOU NEED - 49 piping tips, 2 piping pins, 2 converters, 3 12" reusable piping bags, 3 cream scrapers, 1 piping pen, 1 piping scissors, 2 cleaning brushes, and an organizing container.

FROM PROS TO KIDS - While professionals will enjoy the possibilities of such a large number of tips, beginners will love the ease of creating a real “bake shop” cake design without any experience. Also, kids will adore the kit! Decorating a pie together with your child will be a happy and memorable experience for both of you

EASY TO CLEAN - The reusable piping bags are made of food-grade TPU, which is non-stick. Food residue can be easily rinsed off. Everything in this kit is dishwasher safe.
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