• Ceramic Knife Sharpening Rod
  • Ceramic Knife Sharpening Rod
  • Ceramic Knife Sharpening Rod
  • Ceramic Knife Sharpening Rod

Ceramic Knife Sharpening Rod

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CERAMIC MATERIAL - Is your ideal choice for hard steel knives because of anti-rust, durability, and dishwasher safe.

CREATES AN EXCELLENT EDGE - Just a couple of minutes and little effort, our knife sharpening rod can produces a smooth sharpened edge. You can slice meats, fruits or vegetables easily.

MULTI-PURPOSE -  Suitable for cartilage knives, kitchen knives, fruit knives, chef knives, etc., who loves to cook and need a sharpening tool for kitchen knives.


1. Hold the ceramic rod vertically, and place its tip on a towel or other non-slip surface. If you are not sure about the sharpness of the blade, place the heel of the blade against the rod at the same angle as the sharpening knife. The angle of about degrees may be ok. The most important thing is to maintain the same angle throughout the honing process.

2. Starting from the root of the blade, slowly move the knife down the blade at the tip of the knife. When moving the elbow back, keep your wrist still and apply a little pressure on the rod.


1. Keep the rod stable when sharpening

2. Make sure to avoid it falling from high places. DO NOT drop on the ground as the ceramic rod will break.

3. This product will get gray streaks from sharpening as time goes by, but this can be easily removed by water with a mild abrasive sponge and dish soap. Hand wash only!