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Kitchen Thermometer - One of my most used tools!

Kitchen Thermometer - One of my most used tools!

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MULTI-FUNCTION - Extremely handy to have instant temperature readings for oil and other liquids. Also useful for testing refregerator temperatures.

AUTO SHUT-OFF - Battery life is significatnly extended with this feature, so you can use it often and without worry.

SUPERFAST RESPONSE TIME - Get your results within .8 of a second!

TEMPERATURE RANGE - (-58°F to 752°F) / (-50°C to +400°C)


  • 1 Thermometer
  • 1 User Manual
  • 1 pair of AAA batteries

Please keep in mind that what you get is the surface temperature not the inside temperature. Thermometer collects the infrared radiation energy from surface of the stuff that is focused by red laser, and transfers this information into electric signal via photodetector, then analyzes and calculates its temperature. 

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