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Lithospermum Root Zicao (紫草) 30g / 1.06oz

Lithospermum Root Zicao (紫草) 30g / 1.06oz

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Lithospermum, commonly known as zǐcǎo (紫草) in Chinese, jichi (지치) in Korean, and Murasaki (ムラサキ; 紫) in Japanese, is a plant species in the genus Lithospermum.

In China, it is often used as a natural food coloring to dye hot chili oil into a beautiful purple-red color. You can also use it to color other ingredients, such as cream, milk, wax, glycerol, etc.

Lithospermum root has no flavor, but as a medicinal herb, it does have various antiviral and biological activities.

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