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Organic Loofah Scrubbers (10 PCS)

Organic Loofah Scrubbers (10 PCS)

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NATURAL MATERIAL - These sponges are made with organic towel gourd (loofah), picked at the farm, washed, and dried in the sun. They are environmentally friendly, reusable, and have no irritating elements

MULTI-USE - It is very soft and does not hurt your cookware. The porous structure requires less soap to boast a thicker lather, great for cleaning tableware, pots, pans, sinks, and more.

SIZE DETAILS - Each is 2x4 inches / 5x10cm. Ten loofa sponges are included.

NOTE -  The loofah sponge is compressed during shipping. Before use, soak it in water until it swells.


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