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Round Cake Pan - 6 and 8 inch

Round Cake Pan - 6 and 8 inch

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HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS - Made with carbon steel and a food grade silicone coating, it is proven to be one of the safest materials for this type of bakeware and the food is heated fully and evenly.

NON-STICK COATING - The durable non-stick and non-scratch coating allows your food to slide or pop out with less effort and less oil/butter.

REMOVABLE BOTTOM - Designed with a flexible and detachable bottom for easy removal of food.

EASY TO CLEAN - After most uses, you can just wash with warm water and wipe it lightly.

- Avoid scratching the coating with hard objects when cleaning.
- After washing, it's best to dry the cake pan in the oven to make sure any hidden retained water is dried completely.

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