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Wooden Stamp Set - For Mooncakes and Other Desserts

Wooden Stamp Set - For Mooncakes and Other Desserts

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  • 福 (Fu) means blessed
  • 禄 (Lu) means wealth
  • 寿 (Shou) means longevity
  • 囍 (Xi) means lucky
  • 酥 (Su) means Jiangsu style pastry
  • 桃花 (TaoHua) means plum blossom

VERSATILE - These wooden stamps are perfect for decorating cakes and various pastries. Made from natural wood, they provide a beautiful and amusing touch to your creations, including cakes, mantou, baozi, bean paste, cookies, biscuits, pastries, and even pumpkin pie.

DURABLE - Crafted with high-quality wood, these stamps have a smooth surface without any large knots or thorns, ensuring durability and longevity. The machine-carved design showcases the natural grain of the wood and does not require any paint.

HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS - Unlike plastic or other materials, wood is more environmentally friendly. It is easy to clean, can be reused, and conveniently stored for future use.

SAFE - The molds have been treated to ensure they are clean and non-toxic. It is important to avoid using boiling or very hot water to clean them, as it may damage the wood. 

Each stamp is approximately .91 inches or 2.55cm in diameter.

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