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Cumin Roasted Lamb Ribs

I made this dish for my Chinese new year’s eve dinner (团圆饭). Lamb is called yang (羊) in Chinese so I named this dish 喜气洋洋. May your happiness burst everywhere.

I kept the fat cap on when baking these lamb ribs. The purpose of that is the fat cap acts as a barrier and locks in the moisture. The final result came out extremely tender and juicy. Another advantage of leaving the fat cap on is that once the lamb is done baking, you can keep it warm in a 150 F oven uncovered for a couple of hours and it will still be crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. That is very helpful when you are trying to make a lot of dishes for a big event. You can bake the lamb and keep it warm without worrying about losing the texture and flavor. That gives you a lot of flexibility to keep working on other dishes


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