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XO sauce is a seafood-based sauce that was invented in HK. It is full of umami, garlicky flavor, slightly spicy, smells amazing as well. The name XO reference high quality and luxury. It is quite expansive to by it. This is my all-time favorite sauce when I just want to make a quick but restaurant quality meal. When you make seafood, add a tbsp of this. It really brings the soul into the food. I also use it in my fried rice, noodles. It will bring the dish to another level instantly. It is a great flavor to add to the vegetables, tofu, even just simply put it on top of congee. There are so many ways you can use it. Make sure you don’t miss my next video because I am going to use it to make a shrimp stir fry noodles. So easy and delicious.

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A heartfelt “thank you” for this and every other recipe you have posted.
Amazingly clear, easy to follow, and well explained procedures. Your impact upon my cooking (and indeed – the rest of the world) is huge.
All power to you…!!

Leslie Kingsley

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