Today we are making Kung Pao Chicken – It is a Sichuan classic. I love this dish. I have made this recipe when I first started this channel. This is an upgrade recipe that the chicken is more tender and flavorful. So, let’s get started.

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I failed miserably tonight. All the corn starch came off the chicken and stuck to the wok…and those peppercorns…over powered the entire dish. There must be a mistake in the printed recipe. 1Tbs was way too strong. Maybe I’ll try again without them. I gotta use up that bean paste.


Hi Mandy,
Really love your recipes and presentation style. It’s made things very easy to create great tasting Chinese food. Could you tell me what type of cooking oil you use in the wok? You always refer to cooking oil but never state what it is. I’m using corn oil which seems fine but I’m keen to know exactly what you use.
Best regards
Bobby (UK)


Delicious! Do not skip “velveting the chicken“;
this technique results in the perfect texture. As a sidenote, the market did not have Szechuan peppercorns or red chilies… Therefore, I left them out. Five stars!

Susan M Pendy

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