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Beef pepper steak- a popular stir fry all over the world. The technique I’m sharing will guarantee the beef turns out amazingly tender- no matter what cut of beef you’re using. It will taste like very high-quality beef. Stop ordering this dish from your local takeout and make your friend and family a nice meal! It only takes around 10 minutes after you marinate it- it’s so easy!

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Made tonight for the first time and it is going on my regular menu, my husband loved it!!

Claire Harrison

You are an excellent instructor. You really enjoy cooking and it shows. You explain so well the recipe speaks for itself. Thank you so much.

G.R. Williams

I’ve tried this recipe just recently. It’s simply delicious and the people I cooked it for loved it as well. I’ll definitely cook it again soon.


I love this recipe! I wish some of the ingredient amounts would be listed more exactly (amount of peppers and onions) but it’s ok. I made triple (3x) the beef and used a cheap boneless “strip” from a discount grocery. 1.5 pounds beef and I tripled the sauce and marinade ingredients and just cut a lot of pepper and onion to taste. I only have a cheap “cooking sherry” that I used because there is a recipe for a stir-fry on the bottle that tastes wonderful for Asian-style dishes. This worked for me.

I love making stir-fries and love trying dishes at home that are “better than take-out” and this was fantastic! You can really use any kind of beef, just slice it very thin in small pieces and follow the directions for the marinade. This is one of my favorite dishes now. I’m very happy I found this recipe.


Absolutely delicious!


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