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Today, we are making soy sauce chicken. It will be hard to tell that you actually didn’t roast it. It looks and tastes like a roast chicken, so if you don’t have an oven, learn this rice cooker hack and impress your friends/family. It is a classic Cantonese dish. It is famous for its savory flavor and silky tender meat.

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the whole chicken I bought weighs1.8kg, so I cut it and cooked it in two batches. It was good. thank you for your recipe


Tried it today. It was so good. thank you for this recipe.


Can this be done in another pot, such h as a stock pot, or even an Instant Pot cooker, and what would be the difference in method for each?


This was very well written but it lacks some specificity, at least for me, a self-taught home cook who does Chinese take out at least once a week! Here are a few suggestions- in the video, it appears that you added to 2 bunches of green onion to the inside of the chicken, and not 2 “pieces”! Also, the ingredient list includes mention of “pieces” bay leaf and a piece of cinnamon! Your use of the term “piece” to indicate some kind of measurement is confusing to me. Please clarify this if you can. Thank you!


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