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15 Min Noodle Soup

Most people are super busy, they want to make a quick, and delicious dinner. This ground pork noodle soup is very hearty and healthy. It takes 15 minutes to make, and it serves a whole family. Would you give it a try?

The part that makes the noodle savory is the ground pork topping, or what we called Saozi (臊子). It is ground pork stir-fried with lots of aromatics and seasonings. You can use it to top anything you like, such as white rice, wonton soup, congee. My favorite way is to slice open a white steamed bun and stuff the ground pork in between to make a little sandwich – so delicious.

I like to pan-fry some eggs as the extra protein option and add some baby bok choy to balance the noodle soup. You can also use other things such as tofu, spinach, mushroom, julienned cabbage, or cucumber…


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