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Sweet and Sour Pork (Cantonese Style)

Sweet and sour pork is one of the most representative Chinese dishes with no definitive origin story. However, multiple provinces in China claim to have the first recipe, including Henan, Sichuan, Jiangsu, Shandong, and Canton. This dish went global in the late 1800s as the first wave of Chinese immigrants (mainly Cantonese) crossed the Pacific to California to construct the railroads for the Gold Rush. A few decades later, the dish expanded worldwide during World War II, with Americans and Europeans savoring the dish. Therefore, the Cantonese version is commonly believed to be the prototype of the sweet and sour dishes (orange chicken, lemon chicken, even Mongolian beef) in Western Chinese take-out restaurants.


  • Mandy, you are a chef genius. 大部分時間我都吃傳統的魚類菜餚、中國蔬菜、有時吃甲魚和許多其他美食。 我愛它。 我不是懶惰的美國人。 我更喜歡嘗試本地。

    有一次我的司機用普通話告訴我他餓了。 好吧,我說停在你喜歡的地方。 不能讓他餓著。 那是一個小村莊。 星期一和流行音樂。 他們以前從未見過白人。 我們得到了特別待遇,有大魚、米飯、蔬菜和茶。 價格太便宜了,所以我給他們留了一個紅包。 我們停了很多次,媽媽很高興見到我,煮得很好。 我吃了很多好吃的東西。 沒有多少美國人會這樣做,但我會這樣做。

    Stephen J Goldberg on

  • Made the sweet and sour pork( substituted chicken )
    Turned out great !

    Stephen on

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