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This sugar orange peel tastes like soft candy, so delicious. This recipe works with all kinds of citrus peel, such as lemon, lime, tangerine, grapefruit, and pomelo.

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These are GREAT! However it took way longer than an hour to dry as specified in recipe. But they are delicious!

Cj Taylor

I often make jams and jellies from citrus fruits to which I add the peel. Do not overcook the peel. It can easily become leathery and tough in the mouth.


Hi thanks for sharing your recipe , could I replace the sugar with Coconut sugar? I can’t wait to try these & also I’d like to try Key Limes🍈 my fave

Janeen U

I can’t wait to try them! I’ve cooked many years and never tried these. My family will enjoy!

Bob, I happen to have Mandarin Oranges right now, and I expect they’ll be just as yummy!


These were very very good!
I used orange peels, lemon juice and a little pandan flavoring and vanilla.

I think next time I will only simmer for 20min, or 25min at a lower tempeture since I liked the pices that were a little softer from my first batch.


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