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Cashew chicken is a popular stir fry in Chinese cuisine that originated in the Zhejiang province of China.It is often served with white rice or noodles and is enjoyed for its combination of crunchy cashews, tender chicken, and flavorful sauce.

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This recipe is an absolute winner. I followed it exactly and wouldn’t change a thing. Just curious as to whether it can be safely doubled.

David Asherson

i love your cooking. so easy method . already i try some of your Son appreciate the food . I want to know your 5 spices name which you used in your food .thank you Mandy… <3


Love the recipe, made it the same day you posted it on line. Everyone was enthousiastic!
For years I have copied extra nice recipes in my handwritten cookbook with family favourites.
This way I have gathered a selection of delicious foolproof recipes which I now also handed down to my daughter. This recipe definitely made the list!
Couldn’t help noticing that in the written list of ingredients the Chinese cooking wine for the marinade is not listed.
Question, since Chinese cooking wine is not so readily available in the Netherlands, is it possible to replace it with for instance a sherry?
Kind regards,


I decided to try this instead of my version. I like this better with 5 spice powder and hoisin sauce. My partner loved it! 👍😊

Pamela C

Made this, absolutely love it!!🙂


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