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Today’s recipe is very simple and also special for me. It is ginger sugar. I have very serious Arthritis. My knee joint and wrist hurts almost every single day. When it is raining or the weather gets cold, it hurts even worse and I had it for over 10 years. I know, I look so young. I got some questions about why I moved to Ecuador. This is one of the reasons because Ecuador is on the equator. It is warm all the time. Anyway, In order to deal with my pain, I created this recipe because ginger is something hot, and I need heat to warm myself up. The ginger is very powerful. If I eat a lot at one time, I will feel that the heat is coming out from the inside of me, which makes feel good. And it is very tasty. It is soft, gooey, kind of like gummy bear except it is ginger flavor. This is my handy little snack, I just keep eating it while I watch movie or reading book.

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I have done it, but I did like it. I remember my dad used to buy me from china town when I was a child. I am sorry that you suffer from some pain in your joining. It is terrific to know how well you take care your yourself I am happy about that. I thank you for all your dedication and how well you conduct your business, I love it… bye, dear.

Anselmo Lau

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