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Orange Chicken

Well-known American Chinese food, Orange Chicken. It is not traditional, but the technique of making fried chicken and coat it with a sweet and sour sauce is commonly used in many many Chinese recipes such as sweet and sour pork, fish, shrimp, and tofu. In this video, I am going to show you how to achieve that crispy outside, tender inside consistency, and a perfectly balanced sweet and sour sauce so you can make sweet and sour anything.


  • I live in China even now and in Singapore on a PR card. Mandy makes good dishes. There are no American Chinese dishes, but she is right about other meats and fish. Not many people like too sweet in China and Japan. I am used to eating it now. Cakes and others have 1/10th the sugar as here in the US. Now I cannot eat Western desserts. This dish is great. I prefer pineapple 菠萝汁, Bōluó zhī to orange but both work nice and fine. You have to quadruple it if you have guests. Or quintuple it. Chinese women do not fill their bowls. They take a little at a time. Different than Americans who want a full plate. It makes Chinese women sometimes feel sick. Your first grab sometimes you pass to the right. Thousands of years of this happening (Family style). You will have to make several vegetable dishes and some fish for everybody to be happy-Large fish in brown sauce and garlic with scallions. Mandy shows you the basics! She does not have time to show you how to cook for a whole family. But you can create it yourself. Remember, beef is not a staple there. Nor is cheese. Mandy is only 25 y/o and she can teach all of this!

    Stephen J Goldberg on

  • My family just loved this dish! Sauce was perfect.. not too acidic and a lovely orange flavor. Will definitely make again!

    Jennifer Burton on

  • Absolutely loved this. The right balance of flavours between the ginger, garlic and orange.

    Beverly Langoulant on

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