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Sweet And Sour Pork (Central Chinese Style)

There are many styles of sweet and sour pork in China such as South China Gu Lao Rou [咕咾肉], north Chinese style Guo Bao Rou [锅包肉], Fujian Style Cherry Pork [樱桃肉]. Today we are making Tang Cu Li Ji [糖醋里脊], translated as sweet and sour pork loin. It is actually from the center part of China. My mom is from the center of China so this is the style that I will normally eat at home. But I live in South China so Gu Lao Rou will be the choice when I go out to eat. Anyway, I think all kinds of sweet and sour pork are delicious. They have that nice balance of sweet and sour which is what makes me love about it. So let’s get started.

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  • Gracias por la receta me justo bastante es unos de mis favoritos platos, me agrada mucho tu programa los detalles y el tiempo que tomas en la explicación gracias de nuevo bye.

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