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Sweet Pickled Garlic

Sweet Preserved Garlic (糖蒜) is a must-have topping forShaanxi Crumbled Bread In Lamb Soup(Yangrou Paomo 西安羊肉泡馍). It has a sweet and savory taste. Helps to balance the heaviness of the thick lamb soup.

An interesting experience:

When I tested this recipe, I made 2 jars of pickled garlic. I put one jar in the fridge and leave the one at room temperature.

A week later, the garlic in the fridge, the color changed to green while the room temperature one is still the same color.

So I did a little research. Here is the science if you are interesting.

Green garlic is totally editable and it does not affect the taste. When garlic is combined with an acid (such as vinegar), the allicin reacts with amino acids in the garlic to produce rings of carbon-nitrogen called pyrroles. Pyrroles can link together and form polypyrroles, which throw colors. Four pyrroles clustered together create green (this is why chlorophyll is green). Three pyrroles linked together creates blue. It doesn’t affect the taste and It is totally editable. Don’t worry about it.

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  • Hey!! This recipe looks wonderful but its hard to understand measurements. Not sure what grams of sugar, grams of vinegar, grams of water, ect… are in cups. Its hard to convert grams to cups. Leaves me guessing these measurements.

    Jamie Monteith on

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