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Lo Mein Noodles (Classic HK Style)

Today we are going to make 蚝油捞面. Lo means to stir or mix in Cantonese. Mein means noodles. The name of this dish literally means oyster sauce mixed with noodles. It is an HK classic and it is going to be the easiest noodle recipe that you will ever see – only 5 ingredients are included! It might not look as colorful as other lo mein recipes, but it is surprisingly delicious. The oyster sauce really stands out and you can get a slight nuttiness from the peanut oil. You will never believe that a few simple ingredients, put together can be so tasty. I literally can not stop eating it.

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  • When using dried noodles (I have Long Life Brand egg noodles) how many grams of dried noodles do I have to use?

    Aike on

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