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Uigher Naan Bread

This Xinjiang style Uighur Naan, which is a flatbread that looks like a pizza without sauce. The edge is thick, and the middle is thinner. It is usually topped with sesame and sometimes onion or other spices. This bread is sold on the street in every city in Xinjiang.

Now we are ready to enjoy this beautiful bread from the west of China. When it just came out of the oven, I like to eat it plain. If you make a big batch, you can store it in the freezer. It will stay good for months and months. This is a staple food for Xinjiang people. There are many ways to eat it. You can serve it with grilled meat. You can apply some fruit jam on the top which is great to go with milk tea. Some restaurants will put it under a dish called Da Pan Ji. The bread will absorb the sauce and become extra flavorful.
I once had a special stir fry call Mi Fen Chao Naan. It was recommended by one of my Xinjiang friends in my college. Basically, they cut the naan into bite-size and stir fry it with rice noodles. The sauce they put is so flavorful and flaming hot that I will never forget that experience.


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