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Homemade Lao Gan Ma Chili Crisp (Ten Times Better Than Store-bought)

Hi everyone, I am Mandy. Welcome to Souped Up Recipes. Today, we are making Lao Gan Ma from scratch. Some of you may think I can get it in most Asian markets. What's the point of making it at home? Well, the Asian markets outside of China usually carry the most basic version of chili crisp. This company actually has dozens of different products, and there is one called 豆豉牛肉酱, which is what I think is the best product from this brand. You can think of it as the "Lao Gan Ma Plus." Why? It contains ground beef, a game-changer that makes lao gan ma taste ten times better. If you already love chili crisp, think about adding beef jerky bite to it. Trust me, it is additively delicious. Let's get started!

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  • Hi Mandy
    Recently I seen one of your videos where you were cooking some type of meat in a wok and using seasoned oil which contained a pepper, Bay leaf and a star Anise and other items. Then you saved the seasoned oil in a small jar to use as a seasoning topping to pour over a bowl of something. I’m not sure if it was soup?

    I have been searching for that recipe for several days. Could you tell me the name of that recipe or better yet provide a You-Tube link. I really want to make that seasoned oil mixture.

    Thank you ever so much, I really enjoy all your videos and most of all … the way you present them. You are truly a professional. I think you are the best Chinese Cook on the entire You-Tube. It even seems that your competition tries copies you, but has no idea why nor what they are actually doing!

    Have a great day, I wish you well and all the happiness and success in the world.


    Thomas on

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