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Beef w/ Mushroom in Black Pepper Sauce

Cantonese cuisine got quite a lot of influence from England, so it is very common to use Worcestershire sauce, which gives a powerful umami taste and a slight touch of sourness to the dish. The beef is coated with starch and pan-fried. You can get some crunchy texture if you eat it fast enough, but the purpose of thebreading here is to catch the flavorful sauce; this is a delicious and quick dinner recipe.


  • I just made this and it was delicious! I left out the egg because I don’t like heavily coated meat and therefore I reduced the cornstarch as well. But it was peppery and savory and very satisfying! Will definitely make again.

    Ashley on

  • I made this and it was wonderful, although next time I will use a little bit less black pepper (to suit our taste)

    Brian Crossland-Mead on

  • You need to make a cook book
    For us and for you🙂$$

    Monica Harris on

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