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Chicken and Broccoli

Chicken and broccoli is a super healthy dish and it is so easy to make. I toasted the broccoli first so the vegetable has a lot of flavors. the chicken is tender and savory. You have to try this. it is hundred times better than take out.


  • Not sure why this recipe has anything less than 5 stars because it’s delicious! As a Chinese person, it’s really good.

    AD on

  • I made this the other day. It was by far the best chicken and broccoli I have eaten. The chicken was melt in your mouth tender and the sauce was absolutely delicious.

    Preston on

  • idk why this got such bad reviews. the chicken is AMAZINGLY TENDER, just like you get in a Chinese restaurant. The recipe was a bit strong for me so I put 1 tsp of Oyster Sauce vs 1 TBSP and then it was spot on. I don’t write recipe review often but saw this had such bad reviews, I wanted to jump in. I also steam the veggies vs frying them in the pan…because I’m lazy and want it done fast lol I really love this recipe!

    Pam on

  • Very good! Chicken was so tender! I did substitute fresh green beans for the broccoli because of my husband’s preference, and it was fantastic. May slightly reduce the amount of soy sauce but otherwise perfect with jasmine rice.

    Candace on

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