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Hot and Sour Dumpling Soup

If you are a long-time subscriber, you probably noticed that I love dumplings. So far, on my channel, I have more than 10 different videos, over 15 recipes for different kinds of dumplings. Today, I am giving you an authentic Xi an style dumpling recipe – 酸汤水饺, hot and sour dumpling soup. Sounds really exciting, and it is amazingly delicious. If you love dumplings as I do, definitely give this a try.

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  • I have made this multiple times, and making it again tonight! I prefer this recipe to your Authentic Hot and Sour Soup – the spiced vinegar and chili oil are the main reasons I make this. I tend to use store bought dumplings due to time and I am going to try try steaming them tonight instead of boiling (the international store I go to isn’t very consistent on brand and some tend to fall apart when boiled).

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