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Mongolian Beef is a Chinese dish that most Chinese people don’t even know about. According to my research, originally, this dish was invented in the USA and it is a well known American Chinese food. I got a lot of request for this. People are asking me to make the authentic Mongolian beef. Since this is not a dish that you will find in China, so I will say there is not really an authentic way to make this. But in this video, I will share some of my tips that will take this dish to another level.

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can we prepare it a day befor serving?


This was sooo good! I use pork tenderloin and added broccoli. Thank you Mindy!

Gigi M Hayes

This was spectacular. I’ve tried quite a few of your recipies since I found your channel. Will you do MooShu Pork?

Aldeen Anderson

Can I make this a day ahead of time?

Lee Ojascastro

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